Saturday, January 19, 2008

Props to the Five-Percenters, Besharam Style

Left: NEW, Right: OLD

That is not a political statement! Really though, props to the fiver-percenters at Besharam parties :) May they rule the dance floor as they/we always do :)

The original evite (on the right) was homo-centred, but as it turns out, Besh is now "95%" hetero, 5% queer. Oh no! JK! So, the plea to the designer was "please add a woman in the middle" so no clubbers feel alienated. Fearing the clubbers would miss the threesome reference, I added a couple hot Bolly babes so ya'll could take your pick as to who you are LOVE STRUCK by :)

Much love to Besh who have been my most steady gig for the past 4 years.

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