Friday, February 1, 2008

Sacha Williamson via Nep Siddhu

Yep. That's the real ish. Remember the photo shoot I spoke about back in December of which I promised to post some images? Of course not. Don't worry, no hurt feelings here : ) Well, these are them. The best of them (in my opinion).

The day long shoot was a team production with Art Director and Stylist, Nep Siddhu (of Equinox Forward fame at the helm. The photographers were Cyrus Irani, Ian and myself. Sacha Williamson is the brilliant, soulful, vocalist featured in the shots. Although, these are pre-production images (i.e. each image will be cleaned up and given a graphic treatment before it is released into the world), are't they sick as is?

Give me a collaboration like this any day and i'm game.

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