Saturday, January 19, 2008

Props to the Five-Percenters, Besharam Style

Left: NEW, Right: OLD

That is not a political statement! Really though, props to the fiver-percenters at Besharam parties :) May they rule the dance floor as they/we always do :)

The original evite (on the right) was homo-centred, but as it turns out, Besh is now "95%" hetero, 5% queer. Oh no! JK! So, the plea to the designer was "please add a woman in the middle" so no clubbers feel alienated. Fearing the clubbers would miss the threesome reference, I added a couple hot Bolly babes so ya'll could take your pick as to who you are LOVE STRUCK by :)

Much love to Besh who have been my most steady gig for the past 4 years.

Eye Sore?

I have been working on this new (unfinished) drawing that is proving to be an EYE SORE. My aesthetic these days has turned garish, chaotic and electric and i'm not sure i'm down with it. Something about this aesthetic is challenging the core of me. It's pushing creative buttons that I didn't know I had.

This drawing started out with simple black and white squares (top right corner of macro view), but it quickly progressed/regressed to one colour, two colour, three colour, four colour, wavy lines, plus eyes! Ahhhh! I am frustrated and irritated! It's a challenge because as busy as this drawing already is, I want too keep adding elements to it, making it morE, moRE, mORE, MORE. The creative energy is exciting and I seem to have so much of it that I don't know where to place it. Do I let it flow or pull back and redirect?

Will I keep producing eye sores? Stay tuned to find out.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jungle Eclectrik or "Letting Myself"

Evidence of another evening playing dress-up and taking photos. It started with exhuastion, boredom and confusion and then lead to a quiet moment that allowed for a creative flow. This is what resulted.

This self shoot was to old reggae classics like "Cherry Oh Baby" by Eric Donaldson and "Pressure Drop" by Toots and the Maytals. As always, once the creativity came, the music kept it flowing.

It is incredibly freeing to let yourself wear whatever you want and stand/pose however you want, without holding back. For me, this has always been a private pleasure, if I allowed it at all.

Society, having been formed on the axis of race/gender/class (...) restricts this expression or confines it to socially acceptable, disempowered performances of self. For me, in this environment, while exploring the formal aspects of photography, "letting myself" dress and play on my own terms has brought much sweetness to my life.

If you haven't ever done so, this week, wear one item of clothing or accessory that you own but never dare wear. Wear it at home if nowhere else and take a photo to remind yourself of your own beauty/power/sweetness, not circumscribed by anybody else.

Or ponder Tanya Stephens song, "What a Day":
"I'm tired of the hunger I see on people's faces/Tired of the animosity between the races/Tired of corruption in high and low places/And pricks with money but no social graces/Tired of being judged for the style in my hair/And the music that I listen and the clothes that I wear....What a day when...[self] love aint just a concept we preach..."(sic).

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Drawing: Beautiful Struggle

Ahh, beautiful struggle! Remember the Talib Kweli song? The opening lines go: "The revolution is here, the revolution is here people / I said it once, I'll say it twice / You gots to be ready / The revolution is inside of you / People, the revolution is here, yeah."

Getting myself ready. Hell yeah.

{Click on the image for a larger view.}

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Shirt Tales: Experimenting with Self

In the transition from 2007 to 2008, I have been experimenting with styling and posture. The "self-portraits" above were taken for the purpose of playing with and understanding the effect of posture and colour styling on an image. They are not self-conscious "portraits" where I am trying to say something about myself, but rather like sketches from a photographic sketchbook that help me work out ideas I have for Shirt Tales.

Other than learning about the formal aspects of photography, this process of "self-portraiture" is teaching me something very interesting about myself: that I have trouble asking for help. I would like to photograph other people who are into being directed and playing dress-up for the camera so that I may develop my photography, yet I am reluctant to ask. Its amazing how following your passion helps you uncover those vulnerabilities that need tending to. I am fiercely independent, something I would like to change. What would happen if I invited someone over to take images and my shit wasn't together, as in, with the help of the other person I/we would have to learn on the fly? It would be magic. If only I would let it.

Clearly, my lesson for 2008 has begun early : )


May you call magic into your life this year!
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