Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FOR SALE: Prithvi Mudra Tee

FOR SALE! The "Prithvi Mudra" TEE. Hand-drawn. Silkscreened on.

This Mudra actuates the root chakra, which houses our vital energy or elemental force. To ward off energy deficits and to actualize both physical and metaphysical goals, Prithvi Mudra is an essential tool. This mudra restores the mutual balance of the elements of `agni` and `prithvi` tattvas.

All orders placed by Friday, November 12 will get the pre-webshop price of $35 + tax. Send all orders to International shipping available. Request costs.

All Tees will be printed red on white on an American Apparel Tee. When ordering, please specify your size.

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