Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Misc. is short form for miscellaneous, a word that most people can't spell, many people can't pronounce and even fewer people have positive associations with. Well, i'm gonna change all that!

MISC. is my new identity as an independent creative studio. In this case, MISC. stands for meera sethi creative, in other words, intelligent, intuitive, kick-ass creative work that will rock your world. No diggity.

MISC. also stands for miscellaneous, defined as "having various qualities, aspects, or subjects". While this definition in of itself is an apt description of my never-a-master-of-JUST-one-tool, creative practice, miscellaneous also conjures up other ideas: extra, peripheral, heterogeneous, edgy. As a creative studio, MISC. aspires to be on the cutting edge, all the while being rooted in and finding inspiration in the peripheries.

Stay tuned for sketches of a new identity. In the meantime, enjoy the miscellaneous images of work in progress.

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