Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Madam, fly.

"Madam, fly"...whack! Such is the dilemma of being beautiful, bored, middle class and home in Delhi. Falling in love with the everyday, mundane objects of the ordinary, Indian feminine - blue Bata chappels, mosquito nets, bindis, altha, parandhis, stitched conical bras, electric mosquito rackets - we set out to create a fantasy where utility and beauty converged in exaggeration.

Rashmi Varma was the creative and talented stylist, Nira Kehar was the versatile and sexy model and I was the photographer. We also worked with a professional make-up artist and hair stylist, Ashima Kapoor.

The average Delhi marketplace is full of objects of extraordinary beauty, particularly when recontextualized as aesthetic devices. Rashmi brought these objects together along with a selection of clothing that contemporized them, while Nira expressed the self-absorbed afflictions common to a crazed "Madam, fly."

Working together was energizing and I def plan to do it again. Bam!


nep said...

straight GOODS!

y'all killed it.
this is serious buisness right here. for real.
congrats on this. rashmi's gears look really nice on her .
keep holding this down meera, your on your damn way. (i can tell!)

...any 'naughty smile' shots?


fathima said...

i keep coming back to these pictures. i first saw them on facebook many months ago. they're absolutely stunning.

meera sethi said...

Thanks very much Fathima. That's encouraging. In time there will be so much more where that came from!

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