Monday, April 28, 2008

Step Up To Your Dreams

Acknowledge your dreams, speak your dreams and, most importantly, when the path presents itself, let go of your fears and step up to your dreams. This is the lesson that I am learning.

Although my education has been in the fine arts, my work experience has been in graphic design, my dreams seem to be following the route of photography. As a self-taught photographer, it is all to easy for me to say that I can't do it. But a certificate can mean nothing. It's the will that does the work. That is why it is critical, at this point, for me to say that I can and I will. I will be a photographer who reveals the magic of light, the language of colour, and the beauty, creativity and expression inherent in us all. I will wake people up to their own dreams through images.

Promise I'll post some images in my next post : )

1 comment:

bobby said...

do you have any photo gallery on net like flickr where you keep posting your pictures..... i really like the way you capture a reality in your pics

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