Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home: Lajpat Nagar I

I have begun documenting the spaces that I call home while visiting New Delhi, my place of birth.

The photos above were taken in my mama's (mother's brother) flat in Lajpat Nagar I, an old, crowded, bustling colony of New Delhi. The bright early morning light was accompanied by the familiar sounds of a city waking up - street vendors, temple calls, vehicle motors and horns, etc.

I have always been fascinated by interiors, architecture and the way people inhabit space. Taking photographs helps me better understand the relationship between objects, decor, building materials and processes, and identity.

As I have many places to stay in while in New Delhi, keep checking back to see more photos as I shift from home to home.


rabfish said...

Meera! I love these! You have an amazing eye!

Anonymous said...

love the shots meera.
keep em coming.
hope all is well in the indo!

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